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Everything Started in the 70s

Jay Peterson grew up skiing from the time he could walk. His parents were avid skiers since the 1950s. In his youth, Jay was a nationally competitive USSA freestyle skier from the Midwest. He was coached by early Freestyle greats such as Eddie Ferguson, Robert Young, Karen Huntoon, and Eddie Lincoln.

Skiing is Part of the Mountain Life and Not Just a Sport

Moving to Oregon in his 20s, he spent 10 years as a climbing and ski guide with Northwest Alpine Adventures. Eventually, he started a career at Portland State University where he taught in several departments and worked as an advisor and administrator. During his academic career, Jay continued to be involved in climbing and skiing.

Become a Student of the Sport

He has been a certified boot fitter and alignment specialist for almost 15 years and has consulted with several ski boot companies.  He holds a Black level ski teaching certification (full certification) in the Primary Movements Teaching System and worked as a coach and teacher trainer at Harb Ski Systems for 14 years. He has taught within the US, Canada, Chile, and New Zealand. He is a registered USSA coach and official and holds the highest NFHS coaching certification. For several years, he was head coach for a team of 50 high school racers in Portland Oregon and continues to run ski camps around the world.

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