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SkierSynergy has Dodge Demo/Blem Boots for sale. Once in a lifetime price!
SalePrice  $250 !!            SalePrice  $250 !!
Dodge Boots are changing the way the world views ski boots!

The DODGE Ski Boot utilizes composite materials, including carbon fiber, to deliver the highest level of performance for the most demanding skiers.  Each pair is hand-built using sophisticated lasers, robots and technologies we've specially developed.

The result is a boot that is lightweight, comfortable and unlike anything you've had on your feet.
Whether you are a World Cup racer or someone who never goes near a race course, if you demand a higher level of performance from your equipment, you must ski on a DODGE Ski Boot.


  • Patent-pending top-entry throat design = A stiffer boot that is still easy to put on
    DODGE is the first and only front entry ski boot anatomically sculpted so your heel easily slides into the boot.  The heel canal lets the heel glide into the boot without struggling to spread the boot open, no matter how cold it is.
  • Lower mass = quicker movements
  • The DODGE carbon fiber shell is lighter so there's less weight to move around, resulting in quicker foot speed.  With the same amount of effort, you can move your feet from turn to turn over 30% faster!
  • Lower mass = higher frequency of vibration = lower amplitude = less edge chatter = better snow contact
  • Less unsprung weight means your edges stay engaged with the snow, just like a light-weight magnesium wheel on a race car helps the suspension keep the wheel planted on the  track.
  • Lower mass = less fatigue
    With one third less weight, the DODGE Ski Boot requires one third less effort.
  • Higher in-plane stiffness = higher frequency of vibration = lower amplitude = less edge chatter = better snow contact
    The more your ski stays on the snow, the faster you go, the more control you have.
  • Higher in-plane stiffness = less deflection under load = better control = more consistent response
    Increased precision means more efficient and faster turns.  You won’t scrub off speed making corrections due to boot deflection.
  • Higher-frequency vibration = lower amplitude = vibration absorbed by boot liner, skin and muscle instead of bones and joints
    More comfort and less fatigue.
  • Thinner wall thickness = narrower outside boot dimensions = less boot interference with the snow
    This means you can achieve higher edge angles, more angulation without risking “boot out”.
  • Composites don’t change stiffness with warm/cold temperatures = consistent stiffness
    Consistent stiffness means more predictability, means better performance.
SkierSynergy has Dodge Demo boots. If you want to demo the future of ski boots, the future is here! Call (1.888.388.7687) or e-mail (Jay [AT] skiersynergy [DOT] com).
Sizing: Keep in mind that the sizing for each shell size is more varied that a standard plastic boot. Modifications of the liner accomodate the differnce between full and half size. By switching the liner, you may be able to go one size smaller than in your plastic boot giving you more leverage.

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